Pedro is a storyteller

Born in São Paulo and nurtured in countries like Mozambique and the United States, Pedro brings a rich tapestry of experiences to his storytelling. Today, he shares his globally influenced narratives from his home base in Savannah, GA.


In college, while exploring graphic design, Pedro felt an undeniable pull towards the theater. His initial engagement in a fall musical revealed a deeper connection to storytelling, steering him towards a fulfilling journey in stage management. It was an unplanned yet welcome shift, opening a world of stories waiting to be staged.


As Pedro delved deeper, he found another powerful storytelling medium: film. A college course sparked a strong interest, encouraging him to double major in theater and film. Pedro envisioned creating meaningful narratives, seamlessly bridging stage and screen to resonate with diverse audiences.


With a keen eye, Pedro extended his storytelling into photography. He began capturing candid moments, seeing each photograph as a snippet of a larger narrative. What started as natural flair evolved into a constant companion, with his camera always by his side, ready to seize the stories unfolding in the world around him.

In the vibrant surroundings of Savannah, Pedro now synthesizes his learned skills and worldly experiences into potent narratives, crafted through theater, film, and photography. He maintains a heart open to the stories the world has to offer, a readiness to capture them, and a passion to share them far and wide.

Join him as he crafts and shares tales steeped in rich, global influences, inviting audiences to a world seen through a lens colored by diverse cultures and experiences. It's not just about telling stories; it's about creating a space where stories come to life, connecting people one narrative at a time.

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